Pre-Built Configurations


Don’t want to build out your project from scratch? We don’t blame you! Luckily, we have pre-configured instances of DataVoke that will save you tons of time and make life easier. Save yourself hours of work by downloading one of these configurations:



From product and process definition to full-scale operations, BioVoke™ is your solution to the triple demands of cost reduction, schedule reduction, and the mandate to deliver quality and compliant manufacturing facilities.

BioVoke provides you with efficient information management and electronic testing capabilities that allow your teams to effectively execute on their mission to deliver highly reliable, high performance, qualified facilities and processes.



TANQ is an intuitive and effective task management system, containing a wide range of useful tools for businesses:

  • Project Management Tool
  • Applicant Manager
  • Document Manager
  • Issues Manager
  • Meetings Tool
  • Project Quotes Tool
  • Training Sessions Tool
  • Users Management Tool

Capital Project Management

  • Track, forecast, and manage resource demand for a large pharmaceutical company’s global capital project list 5 years out.
  • Facilitate planning collaboration across 6 departments for a customized forecast model.
  • Track actual resource utilization and compare against forecasted projections.

Trade Show Manager

  • Import and track attendee registrations for Tech and HR themed shows across 46 metropolitan areas.
  • Provides onsite electronic registration checkin and name badge printing stations using Kiosk iPads and label printers.
  • Provides a portal for event sponsors to monitor attendee check in, track attendee contacts, and record meeting/contact notes during the show.
  • Event sponsors can also export attendee contact details and in-event notes for use in any external CRM system.

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Plug-ins are developer-created solutions to problems that you can download and attach directly to your DataVoke platform. Instead of creating your own solution to a problem, feel free to browse and borrow from these pre-created plug-ins.

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