What’s New in DataVoke?

DataVoke was first developed in 2009, with the initial database installed in Sesto, Italy. After being acquired by Commissioning Agents, Inc. in 2010, DataVoke developed multiple other tools on its platform to be used in the pharmaceutical and biotech fields.

In 2016, DataVoke was released to the public, and the team has steadily issued platform updates ever since.

Read on for an overview of past DataVoke updates and a look at what’s ahead. For more detailed information on releases and features, visit the DataVoke Support Center.

Looking Forward – What’s Next in 2017?



Updates will improve a user’s ability to view and use DataVoke-built applications across all devices. Designers will have better control over application development with a specific device type in mind.

Improved User Interface

Additional features will be added to the platform, allowing for a more seamless design process for application developers. No more dealing with pop-up windows. Additional hotkeys and card views.

More Control for the Designer 

Have more control over the look of an application by easily creating and saving commonly used styles. Jumpstart your integrations in an application with pre-configured APIs of common integrations, giving you added functionality for any project.

Q2 2017

v6.4 Released

  • New Actions added – If Exists: determine if a value exists in a specified record type and property. Overlay PDF: overlay data in the header and footer of an existing PDF
  • Configurable email servers for send email action
  • DataVoke Report Design – add image entities and embedded subgrids to reports


v6.3 Released

  • Pinpoint Search and new Hotkeys added – designers can now quickly locate and perform common functions
  • DataVoke Report Designer added – generate basic reports without writing any code and print as a PDF

Q1 2017

  • v6.2 Released
  • Updated the Login screen and improved overall styling
  • New actions added – send email, recalculate aggregate, run JavaScript – all easily executed within DataVoke
  • Tags were implemented to improve designers’ searching and packaging capabilities

Q4 2016 – v6.0.10 Released

  • Increased support for mobile layouts
  • The ability to add charts and graphs
  • Injected JavaScript, allowing for framework extensibility

Q3 2016 – v6.0.9 Released

  • Updated styling released, giving developers much greater control over the look and feel of developed applications
  • Updated packaging released, allowing developers to move framework configurations from one environment to another

Q2 2016 – v6.0.6, 6.0.7, and 6.0.8 Released

  • HTTPS endpoints added
  • Data Retention, History Browser and Debugger functions added
  • New view controls added

Q1 2016 – v6.0.5 Released

  • Released HTML5 version, replacing Silverlight
  • Extended User Account permissions and functionality
  • Added Spell Check, Importing Data capabilities, and PDF functionality

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