Software For Developing HTML5 Applications In One-Tenth The Time, Without Writing Code

DataVoke provides an all in one solution to help large and small businesses grow. By providing custom app development software that allows anybody to develop apps, you will no longer need to wait for app developers. With our one of a kind drag and drop collaborative platform, you will be going from idea to development in a matter of minutes. What sets us apart? Here’s a list of what our platform offers.

DataVoke solves common development issues right out of the box


No Code

Your concept, design, development, and maintenance do not depend on your knowledge of code or having any coding experience.



You and your clients all want to know that your connection is secure. Our client/server communications use the latest in secure web communication so that everyone’s information stays protected.


Optimized for Performance

Because we want to ensure you the best possible experience, DataVoke solutions are tested over slow and unreliable connections so that you can rest assured that they are optimized to perform well from the database to the end user.



We can offer you a single development solution that functions seamlessly across platforms: Mac, PC, Web, and Mobile.



You can quickly and easily create the solution your customer needs, from data modeling to interface design.


Easy Troubleshooting

Due to direct/controlled table access for permitted users and read-only configuration, you can provide easy ways to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.


Action Chains

Logic and automation are two important aspects of any software interface, as this allows you to make things happen seamlessly for your customers without any associated limits.


Unified Settings

Your individual users are provided with personalized task views that require certain single point actions that must be completed, cutting down on confusion.


Generate Docs & Forms

You have the ability to automatically generate documents and forms from all of the information you’ve stored and collected in DataVoke.


Drag & Drop

Your user interface is easy to visually change and customize, even in front of customers, because of drag and drop technology.



You can build customized interactive reports easily and efficiently.


Instant Concepts

You have the capability to instantly build concepts you can use as discussion points when meeting with your clients to determine their ideal requirements.


Custom Workflows

The best business solutions conform to your business, not the other way around. With DataVoke, you can capture and implement existing business workflows with custom precision and reliability.



Because DataVoke promotes truly agile development and can manage your life-cycle data (such as backlog, testing, knowledge base, etc.), you can effectively and efficiently build solutions as a team.


Conditional Behaviors

You can use custom expressions to alter the behavior of records and values according to your specific needs.


Custom Business Rules

Your clients can dream up endless different rules for business, and you can certainly accommodate. Any business rule that your customers address, DataVoke can do.


Email Notifications

Any email notifications you receive based on actions within solutions are 100% customizable to your requirements.


Package & Merge

With DataVoke, you can package, move, and merge solutions in multiple environments without affecting an existing production system. To do this most effectively, you can create sandbox or test environments to build new concepts.


Regulatory Friendly

DataVoke solutions have been proven in highly regulated industries such as biotech and pharmaceutical, so you can rest assured that they comply with the strictest requirements for security, reliability, and data integrity.


Conditional Formatting

You can set the format of a value or record by applying custom expressions quickly and easily.



Businesses and projects change and grow, so it’s ideal for you to have the ability to meet any additional needs your customer may have, create tools for new ideas, and continue to help your clients grow.

The best part? Building in DataVoke is FREE.

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